Color: Black (Customizable)
Specification: Standard
Material: Composite
Purpose: Bulletproof Protection
Weight: 2.4KG
Usage Environment: Police Equipment, Combat Bulletproof, Security Duty

Product Name: Multi-Curved Silicon Carbide Level V Bulletproof Insert Plate
Material: Silicon Carbide Composite
Protection Level: Level V for Public Security
Protection Area: 250*300mm

Military Supply Companies

  • As a trusted manufacturer, we provide high-quality Level IV bulletproof vests that meet rigorous military standards, ensuring the safety of soldiers in combat zones.

Private Security Firms

  • Our vests are ideal for private security personnel, offering reliable protection in high-risk situations. We offer customization to match company branding.

Law Enforcement Agencies

  • We supply police forces with advanced bulletproof vests, enhancing officer safety during operations. Our vests are designed for maximum comfort and mobility.

Government Defense Departments

  • We partner with defense departments to provide bulk orders of NIJ Level IV vests, ensuring timely delivery and compliance with governmental standards.

Firearm and Tactical Gear Retailers

  • We offer wholesale pricing for retailers looking to stock high-demand bulletproof vests, along with marketing support and product training.

Armored Vehicle Manufacturers

  • Our insert plates are compatible with various armored vehicles, providing an additional layer of protection for passengers and crew.

Emergency Response Teams

  • We provide vests that are lightweight yet durable, perfect for emergency responders who require quick mobility and reliable protection.

Embassy Security Services

  • We supply embassies with high-performance bulletproof vests for their security personnel, ensuring diplomatic protection in volatile regions.

Corporate Security Departments

  • Our vests are tailored for corporate security teams, offering discreet protection for executives and staff during high-profile events.

Airline Security Personnel

  • We offer vests that are designed for airline security teams, providing protection without compromising on comfort during long shifts.

Maritime Security Companies

  • Our bulletproof vests are ideal for maritime security, offering resistance to harsh sea conditions while ensuring personnel safety.

Event Security Companies

  • We provide vests for event security staff, ensuring they are protected while managing large crowds and potential threats.

Prison Security Guards

  • Our vests offer protection for prison guards, ensuring their safety in a high-risk environment where confrontations are common.

Border Control Agencies

  • We supply vests to border control agencies, enhancing the protection of officers patrolling and managing border security.

Customs and Immigration Officers

  • Our vests provide protection for customs and immigration officers during inspections and enforcement operations.

Critical Infrastructure Protection Teams

  • We offer vests that protect teams safeguarding critical infrastructure, such as power plants and water treatment facilities.

High-Risk Convoy Protection

  • Our vests are used by teams protecting high-risk convoys, ensuring the safety of valuable goods and personnel during transport.

Cash-in-Transit Security Firms

  • We provide vests that are essential for cash-in-transit security personnel, protecting them during money transfers.

Anti-Terrorism Units

  • Our advanced vests are designed for anti-terrorism units, offering maximum protection during counter-terrorism operations.

International Peacekeeping Forces

  • We supply peacekeeping forces with durable and reliable vests that meet international safety standards.

Private Military Contractors

  • Our vests are ideal for private military contractors operating in conflict zones, providing essential protection in hostile environments.

Protective Services for High-Profile Individuals

  • We offer customized vests for protective services ensuring the safety of high-profile clients such as celebrities and politicians.

Construction Site Security

  • We provide vests for construction site security personnel, ensuring their protection in potentially dangerous environments.

Hospital Security Teams

  • Our lightweight vests are ideal for hospital security teams, offering protection without hindering movement during emergency situations.

High-Value Cargo Security

  • We supply vests for security teams protecting high-value cargo, ensuring the safe transport of valuable goods.

School and University Security

  • Our vests are designed for school and university security personnel, providing protection while maintaining a professional appearance.

Residential Complex Security

  • We offer vests for security teams in residential complexes, ensuring the safety of residents and staff.

Retail Security Teams

  • Our vests provide essential protection for retail security teams, particularly in high-risk areas prone to theft and violence.

Crisis Management Teams

  • We supply vests for crisis management teams, ensuring their protection while handling emergency situations and natural disasters.

VIP Transportation Services

  • Our vests are ideal for security personnel in VIP transportation services, providing discreet and effective protection for high-profile passengers.

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