Color: Black (Customizable)
Specification: 250mm*300mm
Material: Bulletproof Steel
Purpose: Bulletproof Protection
Weight: 2.6kg
Usage Environment: Police Equipment, Combat Bulletproof, Security Duty

Material: Bulletproof Steel
Protection Level: NIJ Level III
Protection Area: 250*300mm

Algeria – Police Department

  • We provide high-quality NIJ Level III bulletproof vests for Algerian police officers, ensuring maximum safety during their daily operations. Our vests are designed for comfort and durability, ideal for long hours of use.

Angola – Military Forces

  • Our bulletproof vests are essential for Angolan military personnel. As a manufacturer, we ensure our vests meet the rigorous demands of combat and tactical operations.

Benin – Security Services

  • For Beninese security services, we offer reliable and certified bulletproof vests that provide excellent protection during high-risk security assignments.

Botswana – Border Patrol

  • Botswana border patrol agents rely on our bulletproof vests for effective protection against potential threats, enhancing their safety during patrol duties.

Burkina Faso – Special Forces

  • Our vests are specially designed for the elite forces in Burkina Faso, providing them with top-tier protection and mobility during critical missions.

Burundi – Custom Officers

  • We supply bulletproof vests to Burundian custom officers, ensuring they are well-protected while inspecting and managing border security.

Cape Verde – Police Special Units

  • Cape Verde’s police special units benefit from our vests’ advanced protection and lightweight design, ideal for rapid response scenarios.

Cameroon – Private Security Firms

  • Cameroonian private security firms can trust our vests to provide their personnel with the necessary protection for various security services.

Central African Republic – Presidential Guard

  • The Presidential Guard in the Central African Republic uses our bulletproof vests to ensure the highest level of security for government officials.

Chad – Anti-terrorism Units

  • Our vests are designed to meet the specific needs of Chad’s anti-terrorism units, offering enhanced protection during high-risk operations.

Comoros – Coast Guard

  • The Comoros Coast Guard benefits from our durable and protective vests, essential for maritime security and enforcement duties.

Democratic Republic of the Congo – Peacekeeping Forces

  • Our bulletproof vests support the DRC’s peacekeeping forces by providing reliable protection in conflict zones and during peacekeeping missions.

Djibouti – Security Consultants

  • Security consultants in Djibouti rely on our vests for personal protection while advising on security strategies and conducting risk assessments.

Egypt – Special Operations

  • Egyptian special operations teams use our vests for their superior protection and comfort, crucial for successful tactical operations.

Equatorial Guinea – Executive Protection Services

  • Our bulletproof vests are ideal for executive protection services in Equatorial Guinea, ensuring the safety of high-profile clients.

Eritrea – Military Training Programs

  • We supply vests to Eritrean military training programs, ensuring trainees have the best protective gear during their rigorous training.

Eswatini – Royal Guard

  • The Royal Guard in Eswatini benefits from our high-quality vests, providing them with essential protection while performing their duties.

Ethiopia – Riot Control Units

  • Ethiopian riot control units trust our vests for their robust protection and durability, essential during crowd control and public safety operations.

Gabon – VIP Security Details

  • Gabonese VIP security details rely on our bulletproof vests to ensure the safety of high-ranking officials and dignitaries.

Gambia – Security Forces

  • Our vests provide Gambia’s security forces with the necessary protection to carry out their duties effectively and safely.

Ghana – Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Ghanaian law enforcement agencies benefit from our certified bulletproof vests, ensuring officers are well-protected in the line of duty.

Guinea – Anti-Narcotics Units

  • Guinea’s anti-narcotics units rely on our vests for their superior protection during drug enforcement operations.

Guinea-Bissau – Private Security Contractors

  • Private security contractors in Guinea-Bissau use our vests to provide high-level protection to their personnel during various security assignments.

Ivory Coast – Military Police

  • Ivorian military police benefit from our vests’ advanced protection and comfort, essential for maintaining public order and security.

Kenya – Anti-Poaching Units

  • Our bulletproof vests support Kenya’s anti-poaching units, providing necessary protection during wildlife conservation and anti-poaching operations.

Lesotho – Government Security Services

  • Lesotho’s government security services trust our vests for their reliability and high level of protection during official duties.

Liberia – Maritime Security

  • Liberian maritime security personnel rely on our durable and protective vests to ensure safety during maritime patrols and operations.

Libya – Tactical Response Teams

  • Our vests are essential for Libya’s tactical response teams, offering superior protection and mobility during high-risk interventions.

Madagascar – Emergency Response Units

  • Emergency response units in Madagascar benefit from our vests’ lightweight design and advanced protection, crucial during rapid response situations.

Malawi – Private Military Companies

  • Private military companies in Malawi rely on our bulletproof vests to provide their operatives with top-notch protection during various missions and operations.

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