Applicable Scenes:
Service-oriented industries – railways, aviation, housekeeping express delivery, banks, insurance, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, telecommunications, property management, electricity

Law enforcement fields – public security, quarantine, border inspection, disciplinary inspection, tax inspection, procuratorate, judiciary, industry and commerce, land and resources, health supervision, urban management, food and drug supervision, forestry, courts, fire protection, hospitals, prisons, customs, security inspection, meteorology, environmental protection, electricity

Fashion Elements: Stitching
Toe Shape: Round Toe
Upper Material: Head Layer Cowhide (Except for Suede)
Origin: Wenzhou, Zhejiang
Style: Professional
Applicable Gender: Female
Pattern: Solid Color
Suitable Season: Summer
Color: Black
Size: 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41
Product Category: Wedge Heel Shoes
Sole Material: Rubber
Inner Material: Pigskin Lining
Shoe Upper Height: Low Cut
Heel Shape: Wedge Heel
Sole Craft: Adhesive Shoes
Wearing Style: Front Lace-up
Applicable Sports: General
Insole Material: Head Layer Pigskin
Style: Casual
Applicable Scene: Formal Attire

Women’s law enforcement shoes
Soft sole, wear-resistant, comfortable and breathable

Head layer cowhide
Pigskin lining
Anti-skid and wear-resistant

Stand for a long time without tiredness, essential for the workplace
Business formal women’s single shoes

Product type: Administrative security
Product color: Black
Upper material: Head layer cowhide
Inner material: Comfortable lining
Sole material: Rubber outsole
Product size: 35-40

Head layer cowhide – Excellent toughness, good breathability, comfortable and wear-resistant, good moisture absorption, clear texture
Comfortable collar – Moderate collar design, comfortable and snug fit with the heel, comfortable and not rubbing the feet.
Rubber outsole – The sole is made of high-quality natural rubber, anti-skid and wear-resistant, ensuring a comfortable walking experience in any terrain, releasing confident charm!
Pigskin lining – Breathable and comfortable lining, soft and comfortable, protecting the feet from rubbing.

Women’s Law Enforcement Shoes
Administrative Security Footwear
Professional Leather Law Enforcement Footwear
Women’s Formal Urban Management Shoes
Fashionable Women’s Single Shoes
Law Enforcement Leather Wedge Heels
Women’s Heightened Leather Shoes
Stylish Women’s Law Enforcement Footwear
Urban Management Leather Shoes
Formal Law Enforcement Footwear
Head Layer Cowhide Law Enforcement Shoes
Comfortable Pigskin Lining Shoes
Rubber Outsole Urban Management Shoes
Round Toe Leather Law Enforcement Footwear
Administrative Security Leather Shoes
Women’s Casual Leather Law Enforcement Shoes
Fashionable Urban Management Footwear
Professional Women’s Formal Shoes
Black Leather Law Enforcement Shoes
Stylish Wedge Heel Single Shoes

1. Algeria

As a supplier to Algerian government agencies, we provide high-quality women’s leather shoes that meet administrative dress codes, ensuring comfort and professionalism for female employees.

2. Angola

In Angola, we supply large corporations with our premium leather shoes, offering customization options to fit corporate branding and employee uniform standards.

3. Benin

Our factory can fulfill bulk orders from Beninese educational institutions, providing durable and stylish leather shoes suitable for administrative staff.

4. Botswana

We offer direct sales to Botswanan banks, ensuring their female staff have access to comfortable and elegant shoes that enhance their professional appearance.

5. Burkina Faso

We partner with government ministries in Burkina Faso, supplying our heightening leather shoes to female officials, improving their comfort during long working hours.

6. Burundi

As a manufacturer, we supply Burundian non-profits with our leather shoes, supporting their mission by providing affordable and durable footwear for female staff.

7. Cape Verde

For Cape Verdean hotels and resorts, we provide high-quality administrative shoes that match their uniform requirements, ensuring their staff look polished and professional.

8. Cameroon

In Cameroon, we distribute our leather shoes to local retailers, ensuring they have access to top-quality footwear that meets the needs of administrative professionals.

9. Central African Republic

We work with Central African Republic’s governmental procurement agencies to supply durable and stylish women’s leather shoes for their administrative staff.

10. Chad

Our trading company ensures that Chadian businesses receive our leather shoes promptly, enhancing the professional attire of their female employees.

11. Comoros

We offer OEM services to Comorian importers, allowing them to brand our high-quality leather shoes under their own labels for local distribution.

12. Democratic Republic of the Congo

For NGOs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we provide bulk tender supplies of our administrative leather shoes, ensuring comfort and professionalism for their female staff.

13. Djibouti

As a direct supplier to Djibouti’s education sector, we ensure that our leather shoes meet the requirements for administrative uniforms, providing comfort and durability.

14. Egypt

We export our heightening leather shoes to Egyptian government offices, enhancing the professional look of their female employees while ensuring all-day comfort.

15. Equatorial Guinea

Our factory supplies Equatorial Guinean oil companies with administrative shoes that meet their strict safety and dress code standards, providing a professional and comfortable option for female employees.

16. Eritrea

We work with Eritrean wholesalers to distribute our high-quality leather shoes, ensuring that administrative professionals have access to durable and stylish footwear.

17. Eswatini

In Eswatini, we provide custom orders for our administrative leather shoes, tailoring them to meet the specific needs of local businesses and government agencies.

18. Ethiopia

We partner with Ethiopian distributors to ensure that our leather shoes are widely available, supporting the professional needs of administrative staff across the country.

19. Gabon

As a supplier to Gabonese healthcare institutions, we provide our administrative leather shoes, ensuring that female staff have comfortable and professional footwear.

20. Gambia

We supply Gambian governmental departments with our heightening leather shoes, improving the comfort and appearance of their female administrative employees.

21. Ghana

In Ghana, we collaborate with local businesses to offer our administrative leather shoes, ensuring they meet corporate dress codes and provide long-lasting comfort.

22. Guinea

Our factory manufactures and supplies leather shoes to Guinean educational institutions, ensuring their administrative staff have professional and comfortable footwear.

23. Guinea-Bissau

We provide direct sales of our administrative leather shoes to Bissau-Guinean banks, enhancing the professional image of their female employees.

24. Ivory Coast

We work with Ivorian retailers to distribute our high-quality leather shoes, ensuring they are accessible to administrative professionals across the country.

25. Kenya

As a supplier to Kenyan government offices, we provide our heightening leather shoes, ensuring their female staff have stylish and comfortable footwear.

26. Lesotho

In Lesotho, we offer our administrative leather shoes to local businesses, providing a professional and durable option for their female employees.

27. Liberia

We partner with Liberian wholesalers to ensure our leather shoes are available to administrative professionals, enhancing their comfort and appearance.

28. Libya

We supply Libyan oil companies with our administrative leather shoes, ensuring their female staff have access to durable and professional footwear.

29. Madagascar

For Malagasy educational institutions, we provide bulk orders of our heightening leather shoes, ensuring their administrative staff have stylish and comfortable footwear.

30. Malawi

We work with Malawian retailers to distribute our high-quality leather shoes, ensuring they are accessible to administrative professionals across the country.

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