Colors: Black, Sand, Green, Customizable

Type: Bulletproof Helmet
Material: Aramid
Execution Standard: GA293-2012 “Police Bulletproof Helmet and Face Mask”
Applicable Scenes: Bulletproof Security, Combat Protection
Function: Bulletproof Protection

Product Name: FAST Bulletproof Helmet
Performance: Level 2 Bulletproof for Public Security/Level 3 Bulletproof for Public Security
Weight: 1.45+0.05KG/1.5+0.05KG
Material: Aramid
Components: Rail, Suspension System, Patches

Helmet Surface: The helmet surface is coated with polyurea, anti-reflective, strong concealment, and good abrasion resistance.
Protection Level:
GA Level 2 protection standard, effectively stopping penetration of 54 type 7.62MM lead-core bullets at a distance of ≥5M.
GA Level 3 protection standard, effectively stopping penetration of 79 type 7.62MM lead-core bullets at a distance of ≥5M.

Classic Solid Fourpoint Suspension System
Using a four-point suspension system provides greater stability, ensuring minimal movement even during intense activities.

Head Circumference Adjustment System
Adjust the head circumference size through optional buttons to ensure a more comfortable fit.

High Quality Inner Lining And Buckle
Comprising of IMPACTPAD shock-absorbing layer and LDV memory foam, with EPP pads resistant to environmental changes; featuring a trapezoidal buckle for secure and reliable fastening, making it easier to use.

Mount Base For Nvg
The forehead area, also known as the NVG (Night Vision Goggle) mounting base, is reinforced on both sides with elastic rubber bands to connect devices such as headlamps, cameras, and night vision goggles.

Ral System
There are rail assemblies on both the left and right sides, allowing for the attachment of high-intensity lighting systems, signal recognition lights, and ear protection shields.

Exterior Velcro
The helmet is equipped with loop Velcro patches on the exterior, allowing for the attachment of helmet covers, survival lights, fluorescent arm patches, and more.

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