Main fabric: two-grain mesh + waterproof
Composition: 63% polyester 35% cotton
Gram weight: 210-220 grams/square meter
Knit: Camouflage-print mesh
Composition: 100% polyester
Gram weight: 140g/square meter
Production color: CP/FG

Two-grain mesh surface waterproof treatment, knitted mesh fabric spliced ​​on the top.
The elbow pads and knee pads are made of Oxford cloth, which is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant.

Laser openings on shoulders, elbows, and knees have built-in EVA material to provide good protection for combatants.

Elastic pleats on the back waist of the trousers reduce the pulling force of leg lifting and squatting.

The set comes with 12 pockets, 2 zippered arm pockets, 2 zippered pockets on the trousers. Corner reinforcements provide protection against abrasion and secure pens, flashlights and pocket knives to the pockets. 4 expandable side pockets, 2 back pockets, 2 zipped calf pockets.

Zippered opening at outer hem, adjustable fit with hem tabs.

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When did the army change from BDU to ACU?
From late 2005 to early 2008, the U.S. Army undertook the process of replacing the BDU with the ACU, with the BDU being formally discontinued by the Army in April 2008 (though most soldiers had been wearing the ACU for years by then).

Why do swat wear camo?
SWAT/ERT and other special paramilitary police units wear military uniforms for several reasons: they are functional and durable, they are instantly recognizable and they provide intimidation factor.

Does Camo actually work?
Traditionally, camouflage is a pattern-and-colour design formulation intended to make soldiers and equipment less visible to enemy eyes. As you’ll come to appreciate by reading this post, modern military camouflage works as well as it does because it is based on long-settled scientific precepts.

What do Marines call Camo?
Camo: MarPat (woodland); MarPat (desert) Pants: Six-pocket. Blouse: Four-pocket.

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