Name:Tactical Backpack
Weight About:0.75KG
Capacity:Below 20L
Color:Green,CP,Khaki color,Black,Woodland,Desert Digital,Jungle Digital,
Tricolor Desert,ACU
Material:800D waterproof Oxford
Packaging Details:50pcs/box645860CM

High quality buckle
Environmental protection, non-toxic high strength, cold resistanceand high temperature resistance.
External helmet position
Strong elastic rope effectively ensures helmet safety.

Comfortable portable
Double fabric reinforced handle, suspended when not in use.
High density reinforcement
High density, high temperature resistance, strong and durable.

S-type compression harness
Breathable,shock-absorbing andextended straps The segmented adjustment is more comfortable.
D-type hanging ringcan be attached
Chest hanging ring design Can beattached external bag, flashlight, etc.
High density nylon webbing, strongwear resistance and tear resistance.

High density Oxford
Selected high quality Oxford fabric with straight line, not easy to tear wearresistance,waterproof, wear resistance, stain resistance.

Tactical Backpack
3P Backpack
Lightweight Backpack
Compact Backpack
800D Waterproof Oxford
High-Quality Buckle
Environmental Protection
Non-Toxic Material
Cold Resistance
High Temperature Resistance
External Helmet Position
Elastic Rope Safety
Reinforced Handle
S-Type Compression Harness
Breathable Straps
Adjustable Straps
D-Type Hanging Ring
Chest Hanging Ring
High-Density Nylon Webbing
Wear Resistance

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