Name:65L Mountaineering Tactical Backpack
Color:Woodland,Khaki color,Green,Black,Tricolor Desert,CP,ACU,Desert digital,
Jungle digital
Material:800D waterproof Oxford

Top strap
Honeycomb harness
Large capacityside bag
MOLLE system on both sides
270° Hidden bag mouth

Rain cover bag opening
Adjustablebinding strap
Waterproofhidden zipper
800D waterproof encrypted Oxford cloth
Military high strength buckle
Military regulation high density webbing
The bottom can betied with webbing
Built-in U-shapedaluminum bracket
Shoulder strap can be attached externally
Side pocket
Honeycomb breathable back pad
Military high strength buckle
Rain cover bag opening
High strength nylon hand
Removable breathable and thickened shoulder strap
Detachable chest strap
Shoulder strap adjustment device
Thickened honeycomb comfort belt
Belt adjusting device

65L Tactical Backpack
Mountaineering backpack
800D waterproof Oxford material
Woodland color pack
Khaki color tactical gear
Green outdoor backpack
Black tactical bag
Tricolor Desert backpack
CP color mountaineering pack
ACU tactical backpack
Jungle Digital tactical gear
Large capacity side bag pack
MOLLE system backpack
Rain cover bag opening pack
Waterproof hidden zipper backpack
Military high-strength buckle bag
Honeycomb breathable back pad pack
Removable shoulder strap backpack
Detachable chest strap pack
Thickened honeycomb comfort belt bag

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