Name:Tactical Backpack
Color:Python Camo,Green,Black Python,Khaki color,Black,Dark grey,Woodland,ACU,CP,Tricolor Desert
Material:600D encrypted waterproofOxford cloth
Packaging Details:50pcs/box645860CM

Adhesive Velcro
600D waterproof encrypted Oxford cloth
MOLLE attached system
Bottom binding webbing

Comfortable andthick portable
Top strap
Backpack main storage
Backpack thickness adjustment belt
Backpack front sub zipper bag
Side MOLLE system

High density and strong woven tape
Side tie straps
Comfortable sponge breathable back cushion

External D-ring buckle
Multiple reinforcement with pears on the shoulder straps
Chest belt adjustment system
Shoulder strap length adjustment buckle

Thickening and broadening high-density webbing
Waist retraction buckle

Tactical backpack
30L capacity backpack
Python Camo backpack
Green outdoor backpack
Black Python tactical bag
Khaki color backpack
600D encrypted waterproof Oxford cloth bag
MOLLE attached system backpack
Bottom binding webbing backpack
Comfortable and thick portable backpack
Top strap tactical bag
Side MOLLE system backpack
Adjustable shoulder straps backpack
Breathable back cushion backpack
External D-ring buckle bag
Chest belt adjustment backpack
Waist retraction buckle backpack
Multi-purpose tactical bag
Heavy-duty outdoor backpack
High-density webbing backpack

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