Name:Tactical Backpack
Color:Woodland, Khaki color, Green, Black, Tricolor Desert, CP, ACU, Desert digital, Jungle Digital
Size:4531″18CM Material:800D waterproof Oxford Packaging Details:30pcs/box6458*60CM

The Velcro glue
Quality zipper
High-grade waterproof fabric
Side MOLLE system

Front bin
Elastic strap that can be strapped
-Frontal MOLLE system
Obi Okura

Thickened sponge shoulder strap
Shoulder strap MOLLE system
Waist reinforcement buckle

High quality clasp
Honeycomb sponge back pad
Chest reinforcement clasp
Length adjusting buckle

Top latch
Tsmooth zipper
Velcro place
MOLLE external system
Shoulder strap D buckle
Side reinforcement expansion buckle
Chest buckle
Breathable cellular network
Top pocket
Zipper top bag
The first layer of auxiliary bag
Second layer auxiliary bag
Third layer auxiliary bag
Backpack main compartment

Tactical backpack
36-55L capacity backpack
800D waterproof Oxford backpack
Woodland color backpack
Khaki color tactical bag
Green military backpack
Black tactical gear
Tricolor Desert backpack
CP color tactical pack
ACU backpack
Jungle Digital tactical bag
High-grade waterproof fabric backpack
Side MOLLE system pack
Front bin backpack
Elastic strap backpack
Thickened sponge shoulder strap pack
Waist reinforcement buckle bag
Top latch tactical backpack
Honeycomb sponge back pad pack
Breathable cellular network backpack

Supplier: We supply high-quality Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks directly from our factory to businesses in Algeria.

Manufacturer: As the manufacturer of Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks, we ensure strict quality control and customization options for clients in Angola.

Factory: Our factory produces Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks with advanced manufacturing processes to meet the demands of clients in Benin.

Wholesale: We offer Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks at wholesale prices, ideal for bulk orders for retailers in Botswana.

Direct Sales: Directly sell Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks to government agencies and NGOs in Burkina Faso.

Producer: We are the producers of the Arrowfish Tactical Backpack, focusing on durability and functionality for customers in Burundi.

Exporter: Export Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks with customizable features to Cape Verde, ensuring timely delivery and compliance.

Importer: Import specialized components for Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks to Cameroon, maintaining high product standards.

Trading Company: Serve as a reliable trading partner for distributing Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks across the Central African Republic.

Custom: Customize Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks with client logos and specific design preferences for clients in Chad.

Supply: Ensure continuous supply of Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks to meet the needs of security forces in Comoros.

Purchase: Purchase raw materials ethically sourced for manufacturing Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Distribution: Efficiently manage distribution channels to deliver Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks to remote areas in Djibouti.

Wholesaler: Partner with local wholesalers to distribute Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks throughout Egypt.

Distributor: Act as the primary distributor of Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks in Equatorial Guinea, ensuring widespread availability.

Agent: Represent Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks as an agent, facilitating transactions and negotiations in Eritrea.

Trade: Trade Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks in Eswatini, adhering to fair trade practices and sustainability.

Business: Establish long-term business relationships with clients in Ethiopia for Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks.

Trading Partner: Become a trusted trading partner for sourcing Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks in Gabon.

Sourcing: Source premium materials globally to enhance the quality of Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks for clients in Gambia.

Maker: As the maker of Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks, innovate new designs to meet the evolving needs of customers in Ghana.

Builder: Build partnerships with local communities to support the distribution of Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks in Guinea.

OEM: Provide OEM services for Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks, accommodating specific requirements in Guinea-Bissau.

ODM: Offer ODM solutions, designing unique Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks for customers in the Ivory Coast.

Order: Process large orders of Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks efficiently for clients in Kenya.

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity): Meet MOQ requirements for custom Arrowfish Tactical Backpack orders in Lesotho.

Bulk Tender Suppliers: Successfully bid as bulk tender suppliers of Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks for government contracts in Liberia.

Producer: Produce Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks tailored for military use in Libya, meeting rigorous specifications.

Exporter: Export Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks with all necessary documentation for customers in Madagascar.

Importer: Import specialized equipment for manufacturing Arrowfish Tactical Backpacks in Malawi, ensuring product superiority.

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