Fabric weight:

XS-3XL or customization

Turn Down Collar.
Shoulder Epaulette.
Front cargo pockets with hidden button flaps.
Dual chest pockets.
Adjustable buttons at sleeve cuffs.
Waist rope:which can adjust waist tightness easily, clothing closefitting, comfortable shape.
Button Fly.
Selected firm fabric.
Wide pocket design.

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When did the US Army switch to khaki?
Why so many military uniforms are colored khaki?
What are the colors of Army camouflage?
Is UCP still used?
Wholesale khaki army uniform

When did the US Army switch to khaki?
The American military first adopted khaki for use during the Spanish-American War in 1898. Until that time, the United States Army was outfitted with the M1883 fatigue blouse in blue.

Why so many military uniforms are colored khaki?
Khaki has been used by many armies around the world for uniforms and equipment, particularly in arid or desert regions, where it provides camouflage relative to sandy or dusty terrain.

Is UCP still used?
Authorization of UCP uniforms ended on 1 October 2019, though still sees some limited usage on other gear such as some body armor and cold weather overgear. As the Army began phasing out UCP, many state defense forces began adopting it as their uniform.

What is the new Army camo pattern called?
The only authorized camouflage pattern for all U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force utility uniforms is the Operational Camouflage Pattern Scorpion W2, or OCP.

When did the army change camos?
Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP), originally codenamed Scorpion W2, is a military camouflage pattern adopted in 2015 by the United States Army for use as the U.S. Army’s main camouflage pattern on the Army Combat Uniform (ACU).

Where did the khaki uniform come from?
Khaki, the color, was first worn by the British Indian Army starting in 1846. It was the first introduction of camouflage in official military uniforms. A perfected khaki dye was patented right before the Second Boer War in 1899 and the color of the British uniform remained relatively unchanged through World War II.

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