Fabric weight:

XS-3XL or customization

Turn Down Collar.
Shoulder Epaulette.
Front cargo pockets with hidden button flaps.
Dual chest pockets.
Adjustable buttons at sleeve cuffs.
Waist rope:which can adjust waist tightness easily, clothing closefitting, comfortable shape.
Button Fly.
Selected firm fabric.
Wide pocket design.

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Army Formal Dress Uniform
What Are The Colors Of Bdu?
What Is The Army Green Service Uniform?
Why Are Soldiers Dressed In Green Uniform?
What Does Army Green Symbolize?

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What is the Army Green Service uniform?
What is it? The Army Green Service Uniform (AGSU) is the U.S. Army’s new service uniform. The AGSU is inspired and based off the iconic service uniform worn by America’s “Greatest Generation” during World War II. The AGSU provides a higher quality uniform with a longer service life than the previous service uniform.

Why are soldiers dressed in green uniform?
Because most of the world’s landscaping and foliage is some hue of green or blends well with green, it’s the perfect color for camouflage, no matter where you are. There are some areas that may not have as lush of landscapes, but there are also alternative uniforms for that.

What does Army Green symbolize?
As it was already mentioned, Army Green is a type of green color. In its meaning, green is associated with nature, harmony, balance and youth. Green is a fresh and calm color, related to all things new and natural (both literally and figuratively).

When did the US Army adopt the green uniform?
On 2 September 1954, the adoption of the Army Green Uniform in shade 44 was announced in Circular 102 – nearly 10 years after the first postwar efforts to find a solution to the semidress uniform problem.

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