65%Polyester + 35%Cotton
60% Cotton + 40%Polyester
50%Nylon + 50%Cotton

Fabric Type:
Ripstop / Twill

XS – XXL or customization

Double layer stand-up collar with Velcro fastener
Crease on the back to increase the volume
Fly with zipper and velcro closure
Elbow / buttocks / knees are reinforced with double layer fabric
Velcro on each arm and chest for patch attachment
3 extra wide belt loops at the waist, perfect for military belt

Collar velcr
Size labe/ with height and chest measure
Epaulet with button
Side pocket on the thigh with velcrand adjustable elastic
Adjustable cuff with velcr
Front pocket with velcr
Invisible knee pocket with reinforcement function
Pens can be placed

Concealment in Arid Regions
Engineered for desert environments, the Digital Desert Camouflage Suit features a pattern optimized for arid terrain. It provides soldiers with effective concealment in sand and rocky landscapes.

Who uses digital desert camo?
Introduced in 2001, the Digital Desert camo is a digital camouflage type which replaced the classic 3-Color Desert pattern and is used within the United States Marine Corps.

Is Digital Camo real?
Operational Camouflage Pattern, a disruptive but non-pixellated pattern, replaced the Universal Camouflage Pattern beginning in 2015. A pattern being called digital most often means that it is visibly composed of computer-generated pixels.

What is the best desert camo pattern?
In Natick tests, the analogue two colour British desert camouflage proved to be the best desert camouflage design.

Does the US Army still use desert camo?
Although completely phased out of frontline use in the U.S. Armed Forces, some pieces and equipment printed in the DCU camouflage pattern are used in limited numbers such as MOPP suits and/or vests.

Does desert night camo work?
Although it was designed to render the wearer invisible to NVD’s, as we said, by the 1990’s night vision technology had advanced to the point where the grid pattern didn’t help to avoid detection. If anything, the wearer was more easily detected in them than in standard desert camo, as some experiments showed.

Digital Desert Camo Clothing & Tactical Equipment.

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