Fabric :
polyester cotton beaded sail

Composition :
80% polyester 20% cotton

Weight :

Lining :
310G polar fleece (double yarn double shake)

The main fabric is made of high-gram weight beaded sail fabric. The cloth surface is full of beads, tight in texture, strong, wear-resistant and durable, comfortable and breathable.

Elbows, knees, hips and other key areas are made of Oxford cloth material, which is high-strength, wear-resistant and tear-resistant for extra protection.

The lining is made of high-quality polar fleece, which has a fine velvet feel, gathers heat and locks in temperature, keeps you warm and stylish, and is not easy to pill or deform.

A complete set of 9 multi-functional work pockets, 4 bag flaps are opened and closed with webbing buckles, and the back pocket is opened and closed with Velcro, making it easy and quick to retrieve items.

Double placket with built-in zipper and webbing buckle closure

Adjustable drawstring windproof brim and hem create a tight wind-blocking system, effectively blocking the wind, locking in warmth and keeping out the cold

Wide elastic cords are built into 10 parts of the waist, cuffs, and trouser legs to make the garment fit the body compactly and enhance the windproof effect.

Loose elastic straps at the ankle and a drop cloth with a large opening can be worn into the boots to prevent water from entering the boots. The drop cloth rope can be used as a gaiter. These help the pants maintain the position of the trouser legs during fighting and running.

The elastic strap design of the pants is very practical and prevents the pants from wandering or loosening during strenuous exercise.

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