Fabric weight:

XS-3XL or customization

Turn Down Collar.
Shoulder Epaulette.
Front cargo pockets with hidden button flaps.
Dual chest pockets.
Adjustable buttons at sleeve cuffs.
Waist rope:which can adjust waist tightness easily, clothing closefitting, comfortable shape.
Button Fly.
Selected firm fabric.
Wide pocket design.

What does the green Army uniform mean?
In the Army, it means moving forward against adversity and oppression of all kinds. Having the uniform color green means that all soldiers should constantly see only their brothers at work. This uniformity means that all members, regardless of class, rank, race, gender, or age, all serve together as the same.

Who wears a green military uniform?
The Army wore the iconic Greens uniform when America was in the throes of World War II. We are still that Army, and we’re reinstituting the uniform worn by the “Greatest Generation” to give our Soldiers a uniform for professional environments that honors our heritage.

What military branch wears green camo?
The Operational Camouflage Pattern, commonly known as OCP, is prominently used across Army, Air Force, and Space Force uniforms. This versatile camouflage pattern is effective in a broad range of settings. OCP usually combines shades of green, brown, and beige, making it adaptable for forested and desert terrains.

Can I wear my military uniform hunting?
No. You can go to the local Army/Navy store and get clothing there. This clothing is very close to army uniforms. Also you may still need to wear something to mark you as a hunter per local hunting rules.

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