Product type:Hooded trench coat
Brand Name:Fronter
Fabric:T/C 65/35
Weight:About 1000 grams
Color Fastness 4-5 Grade
Color:Tricolor desert

COLLAR:Zipper closure design, morecomfortable to wear, Velcro canmake the neckline more tightlyclosed, with a smooth wideZipper.
CHEST POCKET:Double-layered pocket designbuttons on the outer pocketssmooth zippers on the sidepockets, rich in functions.
FRONT CHEST:The flat placket is equipped witha vertical striped Velcro design,and the top of the pocket isequipped with a double horizontalstriped Velcro design, which canbe worn in many types.
BUTTONS:Smooth rubber buttons, beautifuland convenient.
ARM DESIGN:There is a pocket with a smoothzipper on the shoulder, and alarge piece of Velcro can firmlystick the epaulettes.
CUFF:Velcro design that can freely adjust the elasticity.
LOWER POCKET:Huge lower pocket with buttons.
BOTTOM DRAWSTRING:Elastic drawstring can freely adjustthe tightness of the bottom.
HAT:The round hat can perfectly wrapthe head and resist the cold wind.
ELBOW:The double-layer thickened designis more practical and wear-resistant.
ARM POCKET:Diagonal pockets on the arms.
ARMPIT DESIGN:Smooth zippers at the armpitscan be opened freely.
CUFF:Small cuff pockets with smooth zipper.

Double-end big zipper,There is aseparate design at the end of thezipper, which is comfortable towear.

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