65%Polyester + 35%Cotton
60% Cotton + 40%Polyester
50%Nylon + 50%Cotton

Fabric Type:
Ripstop / Twill

XS – XXL or customization

Double layer stand-up collar with Velcro fastener
Crease on the back to increase the volume
Fly with zipper and velcro closure
Elbow / buttocks / knees are reinforced with double layer fabric
Velcro on each arm and chest for patch attachment
3 extra wide belt loops at the waist, perfect for military belt

Rugged and Resilient
The Au Ripstop ACU Military Uniform is built for durability. The ripstop fabric enhances its ruggedness, making it suitable for demanding tactical situations.

Description: ACU Army Combat Uniform A-TACS Battle Rip Poly Cotton Ripstop Coat is sewn to military specifications.
Does the Army still wear ACU? What’s the difference between ACU and BDU? What is ACU in the military?

usmc utility uniform,ocp combat uniform

Ripstop Military Outfit
Au Camouflage Army Apparel
Tactical Ripstop Uniform
ACU Camo Combat Clothing
Au Pattern Military Gear
Ripstop Camouflage Battle Dress
Au ACU Tactical Outfit
Ripstop Military Fatigues
ACU Camo Army Uniform
Durable Military Attire
Au Camo Tactical Garb
Ripstop ACU Field Uniform
Au Pattern Combat Gear
Tactical ACU Camo Suit
Ripstop Army Battle Dress
Au Camouflage Combat Apparel
ACU Camo Tactical Ensemble
Ripstop Military Garment
Au ACU Camo Field Uniform
Camouflage Military Outfit with Velcro

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