The outer layer is waterproof, the water layer is a breathable membrane, and the inner layer is compounded with Telicate, which is soft and skin-friendly, windproof and breathable, with a fine and tight texture structure, and the cloth surface is flat and clear, crisp and wear-resistant.
The three-in-one composite tericol is selected, which is soft and skin-friendly without the need for gel cloth. The whole piece is spliced and the sewing part is treated with three-layer glue, which highlights the product’s lightweight and fully waterproof function.
The front is short and the back is long tactical version. The hidden windproof hood can be folded and stored according to the weather needs. The size of the hat can be adjusted according to the needs.
There are 6 vertical zipper pockets in the whole piece, black waterproof zippers are used on the front chest and sleeve arms, and 2 zipper pockets are laminated to meet the needs of going out.
The front middle zipper is equipped with a humanized anti-pinch strip, and the placket is opened and closed with Velcro and magnets, making it easier to put on and take off.
Sleeve Velcro can stick personalized armbands.
Adjustable cuffs and hem are equipped with zipper windshield to build a tight windshield system, which can effectively block wind and improve windproof and thermal performance.

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