What badges can be worn on combat uniforms?

Identification (ID) badges
these can include Recruiter badges, Army Career Counselor badges or Drill Instructor badges, typically worn on the chest pockets.

Combat and special skill badges
includes federal badges like Air Assault, Expert Infantry, Combat Infantry, etc. as well as SGAUS badges like the Basic MEMS, Senior MEMS and Master MEMS, typically worn above the branch tape.

Special skill tabs
includes Ranger, Special Forces, Airborne, Sapper, etc, and in some SDFs includes CERT or Amateur Radio Operator tabs.

includes MP, Medic, Instructor, etc; brassards are usually only authorized while actively serving in that capacity and not authorized for permanent wear; check with your chain of command for SDF rules on brassards.

Branch insignia
chaplains and chaplain candidates only

Grade insignia
ank patches worn on the ACU coat and patrol cap, applied either by Velcro or sewn-on.

Headgear insignia
usually rank, but includes Chaplain branch insignia in lieu of rank.

Shoulder sleeve insignia (SSI)
current organization; commonly referred to as “unit patch”.

Shoulder sleeve insignia
military operations in hostile conditions (SSI–MOHC); commonly referred to as “combat patch” for service members who served in federal service in combat zones.

Insignia, distinguishing, U.S. Army tape [SDF branch tape] and nametape; specific to SDF regulations with regards to color and embroidery thread.

Full-color U.S. flag [SDF state flag] or tactical flag embroidered insignia.