Product type:Light weight fleece jackets
Brand Name:Fronter
Fabric:95% polyester 5% spandex
Weight:about 450G
Style:Windproof and warm
Color Fastness:4-5 Grade

Round stand collar+smooth zipper.
Flat placket+stitching process.
Unique tailoring of arms.
Shrinkable hem+stitching tailoring.

Flat round stand collar.
Arm pocket with smooth zipper.
Underarm stitching design.
Non-marking pocket with zipper.

Arm velcro,Wearable armband.
Delicate bottom hem clipping.

Appearance behind the collar.
The back cut is more suitable for wearing.

Warm and comfortable to wear, with large pockets.
Large hidden pockets on both sides.

Warm fleece lining.
Adjustable hem.

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