Product type:728 Tactical suit
Brand Name:Fronter
Fabric weight:200 g/sm
Color:3 color desert

Multicolor Display:A variety of colors are available to meet your needs in different environments.
Three-dimensional cutting on theback,vent design.
Chest Pocket:Button design, items are not easy to lose.
Arm Pocket:Zipper design, storage more assured.
Cuff Design:Concealed button design, free adjustment and more convenient.
Hem Adjustment Buckle:Elasticity of the hem can be adjusted freely, windproof and warmer
Widened Loops:Widen and reinforced, firmer and morewear.
Leg Side Pockets:Organ-style Velcro pockets for easierloading.
Placket:Metal zipper design durable.
Slant Pocket Design:More convenientto place your belongings.
Overall Display:Exquisite design, to meet your various combat needs.

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