Product type:Military/Tactical softshell jacket
Fabric Type:Composite Fabric
Fabric weight:310-320g/sm
Size:Xs,s, M, L, XL,XXL
Color:Army Green

Cuff pocket.
Hood design.
Zipper protection.
Velcro armband.
Chest pocket.
Cuff velcro.
Underarm breathable.
Bidirectional zipper.

With excellent waterproof performance, the fabric of sharkskin softshelljacket can deal with the changes of severe environment at any time.
Fabric has a micro-porous breathable structure. It can keep warm andalso with effective perspiration dehumidification.

Underarm zippers:Add breathable zipper design under the armpit, can quickly removethe hot and humid air on the body.
Dual-purpose hood (with rain-proof brim):Can be hidden hood design, can be incorporated into the collar when not in use.

This tactical jacket is ultra-durable and incredibly comfortable. Its military green finish is perfect for the outdoor adventurer.
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How warm is a soft shell jacket?
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