Woven fabric:
65%Polyester + 35%Cotton

Knitted fabric:

Elastic fabric:
90%Nylon + 10%Spandex

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TOP-G3 Combat Shirt Size

A. Back Length 64.566. 568. 570.572.574.51
B. Chest1051101151201251301.5
C. Bottom971021071121171221
D. Col lar484850.550. 550.550.51
E. Sleeve7879.58182.58485.51
F. Cuff3637383940411


A. Length103105107109l111131
B. Waist76818691961011
C. Hip1061111161211261311
D. Leg Wide7274767880821
E. Leg opening43.544.545.546.547.548.51
F. Front Rise25.526.527.528.529.530.51
Waist 2.5cm Wide Elastic Length (Including Seam)577799

multicam tactical pants

What is the best camo for woodland environment?
Woodland – Dark camo for wooded areas. Everglade – Multi-use camo great for drier areas but still good for wooded areas. Socom – Similar to Everglade with a digital pattern. A mix for drier & wooded areas.

What branch wears Woodland camo?
Woodland pattern is the name of the default camouflage pattern issued to United States Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors from 1981, with the issue of the M81 Battle Dress Uniform until nearly the present day.

Is M81 Woodland a good camo?
US M81 Woodland is well known, since it found wide usage all over the world by various armies during the last 30+ years. Being a modified version of the Vietnam era ERDL camouflage (2nd Gen), one could say it is among the most iconic camouflage patterns.

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