Product type:fleece jacket
Fabric:95% polyester 5%spandex
Color Fastness:3-5 Grade
Brand Name:Fronter
Weight:About 500g

Strong and windproof, canrebound quickly, smoothand wrinkle-free.
Outer Fabric:Composite Structure,Double-Layer
Inner Fabric:Composite Structure,Double-Layer
Fleece lining, soft anddelicate, warm and cold.
The top of the zipperhas a wrap design formore comfort.
Adjustable windproofdrawstring,windproofand warm.
Two invisible verticalpockets on the frontchest, convenient forquick retrieval,canstore map cards andother items.
The Velcro on the cuffs fits comfortably, which is convenientand effective to grasp the tightness of the cuffs, which iswindproof and breathable.
Double-guided zipperdesign on the frontplacket, mainly usedfor outdoor is convenient forthe lower abdomen tobe opened directly.
Large-capacity zipper pocket, very large capacity, the effectof A4 magazine in the pocket is shown in the picture.
Personalized armbandscan be pasted on theshoulders.
Windproof drawcord athem for adjustableelastic.

Sleeve Length626364
Sleeve Fat4243.244.6
Placket Zipper687071.5

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