Yes, Army surplus stores are real. Army surplus stores, also known as military surplus stores, are retail establishments that sell military clothing, equipment, and gear that is no longer needed by the military. These items could include surplus uniforms, tactical gear, camping equipment, boots, and various other military-related items.

These stores often acquire surplus goods through government auctions, direct purchase from the military, or other means. The items sold in these stores are typically used or excess inventory, and they are offered to the public at a lower cost than the original retail price.

Army surplus stores can be found in various locations, and they cater to a diverse customer base, including outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, collectors, and individuals looking for durable and functional clothing and gear.

Keep in mind that while many items are authentic military surplus, some stores also sell military-style or replica items. If authenticity is important, it’s advisable to inquire about the source of the items and whether they are genuine surplus.