The Tactical Outdoor Series Lightweight Hooded Down Jacket offers exceptional warmth and protection for outdoor enthusiasts. Made from ultra-light 20D nylon, this jacket is windproof, water-resistant, and designed for maximum comfort with its loose fit and segmented underarm design. Featuring a drawcord hood, elastic cuffs, and hem, it ensures a snug fit to keep you warm in cold conditions.

  • Ultra-lightweight 20D nylon fabric
  • Windproof and water-resistant
  • Loose fit with segmented underarm design
  • Drawcord hood, elastic cuffs, and hem for snug fit
  • Filled with 120G of 80% white duck down
  • Mid-layer insulation for excellent warmth
  • Stylish and versatile for outdoor activities
  • Fabric: 20D nylon
  • Composition: 100% polyamide
  • Weight: 40g/m² (+/-5g)
  • Colors: Light grey, black
  • Filling: 120G, 80% white duck down
  • Elastic drawcord at hood, cuffs, and hem
  • Windproof interior placket
  • Available in loose fit for non-restrictive movement
  • The Tactical Outdoor Series Lightweight Hooded Down Jacket is designed to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts seeking durable and functional gear for cold weather conditions.

What are those hooded jackets called?
Hooded jackets are typically called “hoodies” or “hooded jackets.”

What is the warmest lightest jacket material?
The warmest and lightest jacket material is typically down insulation. Down jackets are filled with light, fluffy feathers that provide excellent warmth while remaining lightweight.

Do lightweight down jackets keep you warm?
Yes, lightweight down jackets do keep you warm. They utilize the insulating properties of down feathers to trap and retain body heat effectively.

What is a lightweight jacket called?
A lightweight jacket can be called a “light jacket” or simply a “lightweight jacket.” These jackets are designed for mild to cool weather conditions, providing adequate warmth while being easy and comfortable to wear.

Question 1: Do you have an electronic catalog?
A1: Yes, you can download it on our website, or you can email us to request the latest version. Email: We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Question 2: Where is your position in China?
A2: We are located in Wuhan. We warmly welcome you to visit Wuhan. You can fly directly to Wuhan Tianhe International Airport. We will arrange everything during your visit to China. Wuhan is very safe, and we can guarantee your safety and comfort.

Question 3: Is OEM or ODM suitable for your company?
A3: Yes, we can make samples according to your design. OEM and ODM are welcome. We have the exclusive right to export military suppliers.

Question 4: What is your production cycle?
A4: Our inventory goods are 1-2 days.
B: It takes 30-35 days for a 20GP container.
C: It takes 40-45 days for a 40GP container.

Question 5: What can I do if I want a sample?
A5: Please contact us, we will send detailed information for you to choose. The original sample can be remade, but the buyer needs to pay the shipping cost.

Question 6: What is your mode of transportation?
A6:Transport by express, air, sea or other methods according to your requirements. We have established a long-term cooperative relationship with professional transportation agents.

Question 7: How is the quality of your products?
A7: Fronter has passed ISO certification, and our partner dyeing factories are among the top three in China. We also accept third-party inspections.

Question 8: Can I get a discount on the order?
A8: Of course, the price depends on the quantity of your order. If you order in large quantities, we will give you the most favorable price and give you a discount.

Question 9: How to maintain stable quality in long-term cooperation.
A9: A large inventory of fabrics, webbing, buckles, other accessories and skilled workers to ensure stable quality and short production time.

Question 10: How is the quality of your products?
A10: Our quality is used for professional buyers and some government orders.

Question 11: How can I ensure that the quality and quantity of the goods are correct?
A11: In addition to our final inspection at the shipping warehouse, you can also send a representative or appoint a third party to conduct the final inspection before the final payment and shipment.

Question 12: Will you keep my OEM patent?
A12: Yes. Once you provide us with the logo authorization file, we will keep your logo patent for you.

Question 13: What if the uniform I purchased is defective?
A13: If the soldier finds a defect, please keep the receipt and return the item to AAFES for exchange. AAFES will handle product quality defect reports, which will enable the Army and Defense
Logistics Agency to take corrective actions in the supply chain.

Why Choose Us
A: Fast delivery time,we are professional manufacturer for military uniforms, there are 200 workers in our factory, with daily output of 5000 sets.
B: Free sample,you can get free sample to check the quality.
C: Customer first,our company will bear the loss if there is something wrong with the quality.
D: OEM service,we can produce the goods according to clients’ requirements.
E: Welcome to use trade assurance, sales service: Beijing time from to online. Respond to enquiries within 12 hours.

Albania – Outdoor Retail Chain As a manufacturer, we collaborate with a prominent outdoor retail chain in Albania, ensuring our Tactical Outdoor Lightweight Hooded Down Jackets meet their stringent quality standards. We offer customized branding options and flexible order quantities to accommodate seasonal demand fluctuations.

Germany – E-commerce Platform We supply our Tactical Jackets to a leading German e-commerce platform specializing in outdoor gear. Our direct sales approach allows us to maintain competitive pricing and ensures swift delivery times across Germany, enhancing customer satisfaction.

France – Specialty Outdoor Store Partnering with a specialized outdoor store in France, we provide tailored product variations including different color schemes and sizes. Our efficient logistics network guarantees timely distribution to their stores nationwide.

Italy – Fashion Boutique Our collaboration with an Italian fashion boutique integrates style with functionality, offering sleek designs of our Tactical Jackets suitable for urban and outdoor environments. We cater to their seasonal collection needs with reliable production schedules.

United Kingdom – Military Supplier Serving as a trusted supplier to a UK-based military equipment distributor, we adhere to strict regulatory standards and offer advanced customization options such as additional pockets and reinforced stitching for durability in tactical environments.

Spain – Corporate Gifts Provider We partner with a Spanish company specializing in corporate gifts, offering personalized branding solutions on our Tactical Jackets. Our ability to handle bulk orders ensures timely delivery for corporate events and promotional campaigns.

Poland – Online Outdoor Community Engaging with an online community platform in Poland focused on outdoor enthusiasts, we provide comprehensive product information and support. Our user-friendly ordering process and responsive customer service foster long-term relationships.

Sweden – Sustainable Retail Chain As an environmentally conscious manufacturer, we collaborate with a Swedish retail chain committed to sustainability. Our down jackets feature responsibly sourced materials, aligning with their eco-friendly initiatives and consumer preferences.

Norway – Adventure Travel Agency Supporting a Norwegian adventure travel agency, we supply durable Tactical Jackets ideal for extreme weather conditions. Our partnership includes exclusive product lines tailored for outdoor expeditions and arctic tours.

Finland – Outdoor Sports Association Partnering with a Finnish sports association, we sponsor events and provide specialized gear for athletes and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Our jackets are designed for optimum performance and comfort in varying climates.

Netherlands – Camping Equipment Supplier Collaborating with a Dutch supplier of camping equipment, we offer versatile Tactical Jackets suitable for camping and hiking adventures. Our product features such as waterproofing and thermal insulation meet their customer demands.

Denmark – University Outdoor Club We support a university outdoor club in Denmark by providing customized team jackets featuring their logo and colors. Our partnership extends to organizing outdoor workshops and gear demonstrations for club members.

Switzerland – Luxury Ski Resort Serving a luxury ski resort in Switzerland, we deliver premium Tactical Jackets crafted with advanced insulation technology and sleek designs. Our products ensure warmth and style for discerning guests and staff members.

Ireland – Sporting Goods Retailer We collaborate with an Irish sporting goods retailer, offering competitive wholesale pricing on our Tactical Jackets. Our comprehensive marketing support and training programs enhance product visibility and sales.

Belgium – Emergency Services Supplier Partnering with a Belgian supplier of emergency services equipment, we provide Tactical Jackets designed for rapid deployment and durability in rescue operations. Our products undergo rigorous testing to meet safety standards.

Portugal – Surfing and Outdoor Apparel Store Our Tactical Jackets are available at a Portuguese store specializing in surfing and outdoor apparel. We offer moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabrics tailored for water sports enthusiasts and coastal adventures.

Greece – Tourist Retailer Catering to a Greek retailer focused on tourist destinations, we supply lightweight Tactical Jackets suitable for travelers exploring historical sites and outdoor attractions. Our jackets are compact and easy to pack for convenience.

Austria – Ski Equipment Rental Supporting an Austrian ski equipment rental service, we provide high-performance Tactical Jackets for visitors seeking comfort and protection on the slopes. Our rental program includes maintenance services for peak performance.

Czech Republic – Outdoor Event Organizer Collaborating with an event organizer in the Czech Republic, we sponsor outdoor festivals and provide branded jackets for participants and staff. Our logistical support ensures seamless event management and participant satisfaction.

Slovakia – Mountain Guiding Service Serving a Slovakian mountain guiding service, our Tactical Jackets are essential gear for clients exploring rugged terrain. We offer durable designs and customizable options to meet specific outdoor activity requirements.

Hungary – Adventure Tourism Agency We partner with a Hungarian adventure tourism agency, supplying Tactical Jackets optimized for activities such as hiking and rock climbing. Our product durability and performance features enhance safety and comfort for participants.

Luxembourg – Outdoor Education Center Supporting an outdoor education center in Luxembourg, we provide educational resources and discounted jackets for students and instructors. Our partnership promotes outdoor skills development and environmental stewardship.

Estonia – Youth Outdoor Program Collaborating with a youth outdoor program in Estonia, we supply lightweight Tactical Jackets suitable for educational expeditions and outdoor skills training. Our jackets are designed to withstand challenging weather conditions.

Latvia – Outdoor Survival Training We partner with a Latvian organization offering survival training courses, providing Tactical Jackets for participants. Our commitment to quality ensures gear reliability during outdoor simulations and wilderness challenges.

Lithuania – Adventure Photography Workshop Serving an adventure photography workshop in Lithuania, our Tactical Jackets feature practical pockets and weather-resistant materials ideal for capturing outdoor landscapes. We support workshops with equipment demos and sponsorships.

Romania – Nature Conservation NGO Collaborating with a Romanian NGO focused on nature conservation, we supply Tactical Jackets for field researchers and volunteers. Our jackets support environmental monitoring efforts with functional design and durability.

Bulgaria – Mountaineering Expedition We support a Bulgarian mountaineering expedition with specialized Tactical Jackets designed for high-altitude climbs. Our technical fabrics and ergonomic fit ensure optimal performance in extreme mountain conditions.

Moldova – Rural Development Project Partnering with a rural development project in Moldova, we provide jackets for outdoor activities promoting community engagement and sustainable agriculture. Our contributions help enhance quality of life and outdoor recreation opportunities.

Ukraine – Outdoor Adventure Camp Serving an outdoor adventure camp in Ukraine, our Tactical Jackets are essential for campers participating in hiking and wilderness survival programs. We offer versatile gear options suitable for various age groups and activities.

Russia – Arctic Expedition Supporting an Arctic expedition team in Russia, we supply insulated Tactical Jackets capable of withstanding subzero temperatures. Our technical expertise and robust product features ensure comfort and safety in extreme Arctic environments.

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