Fabric weight:

XS-3XL or customization

Turn Down Collar.
Shoulder Epaulette.
Front cargo pockets with hidden button flaps.
Dual chest pockets.
Adjustable buttons at sleeve cuffs.
Waist rope:which can adjust waist tightness easily, clothing closefitting, comfortable shape.
Button Fly.
Selected firm fabric.
Wide pocket design.

Description:65%polyester 35%cotton camouflage printing uniform fabric for uniform and garment.
The universal camo polyester / cotton army combat uniform pants are comfortable enough to be worn as casual pair of pants or as part of a tactical uniform.

What are military BDUs made of? Camouflage Fabric
What are BDUs called now? Army Combat Uniform
What camouflage does the US Army use? Operational Camouflage Pattern Scorpion
What replaced BDU? Army Combat Uniform

What is Army camouflage uniform called?
The only authorized camouflage pattern for all U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force utility uniforms is the Operational Camouflage Pattern Scorpion W2, or OCP.

What are military BDUs made of?
The EHWBDU’s components are made with a 50/50 ripstop nylon and cotton poplin blend. BDUs were printed with infrared-brightened dyes. Near infrared (NIR) Signature Management Technology is used in the uniforms to help prevent detection by NIR Image Converters.

What are BDUs called now?
It was supplanted by the ACU (Army Combat Uniform) which remains in use by the American military to this day. However, the abbreviation “BDU” is still used as an unofficial term meaning any combat uniform. Although the ACU eventually replaced the BDU as U.S. standard-issue, the concept of the BDU lived on.

Is OCP better than UCP?
In fact, the US Army’s testing showed that in varied environments, OCP was 20% more effective than UCP at shielding soldiers from detection.

What’s the difference between ACU and BDU?
ACU and BDU, respectively Army Combat Uniform and Battle Dress Uniform, are acronyms that describe the shape or cut of the uniform.

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