Outdoor Division Tactical Bread Down Jacket

  • 160G fill of 80% white duck down
  • Honeycomb-patterned fabric
  • Dual-layer composite transparent membrane
  • Mild water resistance and windproof warmth
  • Tactical structural segmentation
  • Symmetrical waterproof zippers
  • Hidden side-opening half-stand zippers
  • Adjustable cuffs, hem, and hood edge
  • Wrapped and tailored fit
  • Fabric: Honeycomb-patterned fabric with dual-layer composite transparent membrane
  • Composition: 100% polyester fiber
  • Weight: 140g/sq.m (+/-5g)
  • Color: Light Gray
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Product Description:

The Tactical Outdoor Series – Outdoor Division Tactical Bread Down Jacket offers superior warmth and functionality. With a 160G fill of 80% white duck down, it features a honeycomb-patterned fabric with a dual-layer composite transparent membrane. This lightweight jacket provides mild water resistance and windproof warmth, ensuring effective temperature locking. Designed with tactical outdoor structural segmentation, it includes symmetrical waterproof zippers and hidden side-opening half-stand zippers for practicality and aesthetics. Adjustable cuffs, hem, and hood edge with elastic cords and Velcro allow easy temperature adjustment, making it ideal for combating severe winter conditions. Crafted with a wrapped and tailored fit for a sophisticated appearance.

What are the key features of the Outdoor Division Tactical Bread Down Jacket?
Key Features: The hypothetical Outdoor Division Tactical Bread Down Jacket might include features such as water resistance, windproof materials, insulated down filling for warmth, multiple pockets for storage, adjustable cuffs and hems for a customizable fit, and possibly reinforced panels for durability.

How does the design of the Outdoor Division Tactical Bread Down Jacket enhance outdoor performance?
Design Enhancements: Its design could enhance outdoor performance through ergonomic shaping for mobility, strategic insulation placement to retain heat without bulkiness, and breathable materials to regulate temperature during physical activity. Additionally, features like a hood, high collar, and storm flaps could provide protection from the elements.

What materials are used in the construction of the Outdoor Division Tactical Bread Down Jacket?
Materials: Typically, such a jacket could be constructed from materials like nylon or polyester for the outer shell, filled with down or synthetic insulation for warmth, and lined with breathable fabrics for comfort. The outer shell might be treated with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating for water resistance.

What makes the Outdoor Division Tactical Bread Down Jacket suitable for tactical and outdoor use?
Suitability for Tactical and Outdoor Use: Its suitability for tactical and outdoor use could stem from its robust construction, weather-resistant properties, functional design elements (such as ample pockets for gear storage and accessibility), and adaptability to various weather conditions encountered in outdoor and tactical environments.

Question 1: Do you have an electronic catalog?
A1: Yes, you can download it on our website, or you can email us to request the latest version. Email: info@whfronter.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Question 2: Where is your position in China?
A2: We are located in Wuhan. We warmly welcome you to visit Wuhan. You can fly directly to Wuhan Tianhe International Airport. We will arrange everything during your visit to China. Wuhan is very safe, and we can guarantee your safety and comfort.

Question 3: Is OEM or ODM suitable for your company?
A3: Yes, we can make samples according to your design. OEM and ODM are welcome. We have the exclusive right to export military suppliers.

Question 4: What is your production cycle?
A4: Our inventory goods are 1-2 days.
B: It takes 30-35 days for a 20GP container.
C: It takes 40-45 days for a 40GP container.

Question 5: What can I do if I want a sample?
A5: Please contact us, we will send detailed information for you to choose. The original sample can be remade, but the buyer needs to pay the shipping cost.

Question 6: What is your mode of transportation?
A6:Transport by express, air, sea or other methods according to your requirements. We have established a long-term cooperative relationship with professional transportation agents.

Question 7: How is the quality of your products?
A7: Fronter has passed ISO certification, and our partner dyeing factories are among the top three in China. We also accept third-party inspections.

Question 8: Can I get a discount on the order?
A8: Of course, the price depends on the quantity of your order. If you order in large quantities, we will give you the most favorable price and give you a discount.

Question 9: How to maintain stable quality in long-term cooperation.
A9: A large inventory of fabrics, webbing, buckles, other accessories and skilled workers to ensure stable quality and short production time.

Question 10: How is the quality of your products?
A10: Our quality is used for professional buyers and some government orders.

Question 11: How can I ensure that the quality and quantity of the goods are correct?
A11: In addition to our final inspection at the shipping warehouse, you can also send a representative or appoint a third party to conduct the final inspection before the final payment and shipment.

Question 12: Will you keep my OEM patent?
A12: Yes. Once you provide us with the logo authorization file, we will keep your logo patent for you.

Question 13: What if the uniform I purchased is defective?
A13: If the soldier finds a defect, please keep the receipt and return the item to AAFES for exchange. AAFES will handle product quality defect reports, which will enable the Army and Defense
Logistics Agency to take corrective actions in the supply chain.

Why Choose Us
A: Fast delivery time,we are professional manufacturer for military uniforms, there are 200 workers in our factory, with daily output of 5000 sets.
B: Free sample,you can get free sample to check the quality.
C: Customer first,our company will bear the loss if there is something wrong with the quality.
D: OEM service,we can produce the goods according to clients’ requirements.
E: Welcome to use trade assurance, sales service: Beijing time from 8.am to 10.pm. online. Respond to enquiries within 12 hours.

Germany (Importer): As a manufacturer, we ensure that our Tactical Bread Down Jackets meet the stringent quality standards required by German importers. We offer customizable branding options and reliable bulk order fulfillment.

France (Wholesaler): Working closely with French wholesalers, we provide competitive pricing on bulk purchases of our Tactical Bread Down Jackets. Our efficient logistics ensure timely delivery across France.

Italy (Retailer): Italian retailers appreciate our OEM capabilities, allowing them to tailor our Tactical Bread Down Jackets to suit local consumer preferences. We offer flexible MOQs to accommodate varied store sizes.

United Kingdom (Distributor): Partnering with UK distributors, we offer comprehensive marketing support and product training. Our jackets are well-received in the British market due to their durability and functional design.

Spain (Outdoor Specialist): Spanish outdoor specialists trust our expertise in manufacturing high-performance outdoor gear. Our Tactical Bread Down Jackets are designed for all-season use, meeting the demands of adventurous consumers.

Netherlands (E-commerce Platform): Serving Dutch e-commerce platforms, we provide drop-shipping services for our Tactical Bread Down Jackets. Our efficient order processing and packaging ensure seamless customer experiences.

Sweden (Sporting Goods Chain): Partnering with Swedish sporting goods chains, we offer exclusive designs and color options for our Tactical Bread Down Jackets. Our reliable supply chain supports their nationwide distribution network.

Poland (Military Supplier): As a trusted supplier to Polish military contractors, our Tactical Bread Down Jackets are favored for their robust construction and thermal insulation properties, ideal for demanding field conditions.

Norway (Adventure Tourism Operator): Norwegian adventure tourism operators value our jackets for their lightweight yet warm features. Our jackets are tailored to enhance the outdoor experience in Norway’s rugged landscapes.

Switzerland (Luxury Retailer): Serving Swiss luxury retailers, we offer premium versions of our Tactical Bread Down Jackets with exclusive materials and finishes. Each jacket embodies Swiss precision and quality craftsmanship.

Greece (Outdoor Retail Chain): Greek outdoor retail chains appreciate our commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices. Our jackets, made from eco-friendly materials, align with Greece’s environmental regulations.

Austria (Ski Resort): Partnering with Austrian ski resorts, our Tactical Bread Down Jackets are designed to withstand extreme alpine conditions. They are waterproof, windproof, and highly breathable, ensuring comfort on the slopes.

Finland (Cold Weather Gear Supplier): Finnish suppliers of cold weather gear trust our jackets for their superior insulation and cold-resistant features. Our jackets are tested to endure Finland’s harsh winters.

Denmark (Fashion Brand): Collaborating with Danish fashion brands, we offer stylish variations of our Tactical Bread Down Jackets. Our jackets seamlessly blend fashion-forward designs with functional outdoor performance.

Ireland (Online Marketplace): Serving Irish online marketplaces, we offer competitive pricing and fast shipping options for our Tactical Bread Down Jackets. Customer satisfaction is our priority, ensuring repeat orders.

Czech Republic (Outdoor Equipment Retailer): Czech outdoor equipment retailers rely on us for our extensive range of sizes and colors available in our Tactical Bread Down Jackets. We cater to diverse customer preferences across the Czech market.

Portugal (Adventure Travel Company): Supporting Portuguese adventure travel companies, our Tactical Bread Down Jackets are essential gear for exploring Portugal’s diverse landscapes. We offer customization options for company branding.

Hungary (Corporate Gifts Provider): Hungarian providers of corporate gifts appreciate our jackets as premium gifts for employees and clients. We offer personalized embroidery and packaging services to enhance brand recognition.

Belgium (Specialty Outdoor Store): Partnering with Belgian specialty outdoor stores, we ensure our Tactical Bread Down Jackets meet strict quality control measures. Our jackets are known for their durability and long-lasting performance.

Slovakia (Online Sporting Goods Retailer): Slovakian online sporting goods retailers benefit from our user-friendly online ordering system and responsive customer service. Our Tactical Bread Down Jackets are top sellers due to their competitive pricing and quality.

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