Name:Military Tactical Backpack
Weight:About 0.85kg
Color:Jungle digital, Khaki color, Green, Black, Woodland, CP, ACU, Desert digital
Material:800d Waterproof Encryptedoxford Cloth

Reinforced portable
One-click anti-theft
D Ring buckle
Front bagMOLLE system
800D highdensity fabric

Stress regulation zone
Sandwich breathableshoulder strap
High strength buckle
Front bag MOLLE system

Side MOLLE system
Side binding webbing
Bottom suspension system

D Ring buckle
High quality buckle
Adjustable belt

Chest fastener
Back pocket
Breathable spongesandwich back pad

Tactical backpack
Military backpack
800D waterproof backpack
Reinforced portable backpack
Anti-theft backpack
D Ring buckle backpack
MOLLE system backpack
High-density fabric backpack
Stress regulation zone backpack
Breathable shoulder strap backpack
High strength buckle backpack
Adjustable belt backpack
Chest fastener backpack
Back pocket backpack
Breathable back pad backpack
Jungle digital backpack
Khaki color backpack
ACU color backpack
Woodland color backpack
Desert digital backpack

Algeria: As a factory, we offer custom-designed Military Tactical Backpacks tailored to Algerian military specifications, ensuring durability and functionality in desert environments.

Angola: Our wholesale distribution includes bulk orders of Military Tactical Backpacks equipped with waterproof compartments, ideal for Angolan armed forces during wet seasons.

Benin: Direct sales of lightweight Tactical Backpacks suitable for Beninese security personnel, featuring adjustable straps and modular attachment points.

Botswana: We are the exclusive exporter of high-capacity Tactical Backpacks to Botswana, designed to withstand rugged terrains and harsh weather conditions.

Burkina Faso: Our role as a producer includes manufacturing Tactical Backpacks with reinforced stitching, meeting Burkina Faso’s military procurement standards.

Burundi: Acting as a trading partner, we supply Burundian defense agencies with Tactical Backpacks featuring camouflage patterns for operational concealment.

Cape Verde: Custom orders of compact Tactical Backpacks with ergonomic designs are available for Cape Verdean security forces, ensuring comfort during extended missions.

Cameroon: We specialize in sourcing premium materials for Military Tactical Backpacks used by Cameroonian troops, emphasizing durability and ease of maintenance.

Central African Republic: As an importer, we provide Central African Republic with state-of-the-art Tactical Backpacks, incorporating advanced organizational compartments.

Chad: Our factory manufactures Tactical Backpacks with integrated hydration systems, essential for Chadian military operations in arid climates.

Comoros: Wholesale distribution of lightweight Tactical Backpacks suitable for Comorian law enforcement, featuring versatile storage options.

Democratic Republic of the Congo: We supply rugged Tactical Backpacks to the DRC, equipped with molle webbing for modular attachments in diverse environments.

Djibouti: Specialized services include customization of Tactical Backpacks with Djiboutian flag patches, meeting specific military branding requirements.

Egypt: Our role as a distributor ensures prompt delivery of Tactical Backpacks to Egyptian armed forces, tailored for urban and desert operations alike.

Equatorial Guinea: Custom-built Tactical Backpacks with reinforced back panels are available for Equatorial Guinean security personnel, enhancing comfort and support.

Eritrea: We offer OEM services, allowing Eritrean defense agencies to design personalized Tactical Backpacks with ergonomic features for extended wear.

Eswatini: As a wholesaler, we supply Eswatini with Tactical Backpacks featuring adjustable waist belts and ventilated back panels for enhanced comfort.

Ethiopia: Our production facilities cater to Ethiopian military requirements, producing Tactical Backpacks with ballistic nylon for increased durability.

Gabon: We provide Gabonese forces with multi-purpose Tactical Backpacks, featuring detachable compartments for seamless transition between missions.

Gambia: Direct sales of compact Tactical Backpacks suitable for Gambian security units, designed to optimize mobility and operational efficiency.

Ghana: Our trading company facilitates the procurement of Tactical Backpacks for Ghanaian troops, ensuring adherence to strict quality control standards.

Guinea: Customizable Tactical Backpacks are available for Guinea’s military, tailored with modular pouches for versatile equipment storage.

Guinea-Bissau: We specialize in sourcing lightweight Tactical Backpacks for Guinea-Bissau’s armed forces, prioritizing ease of maneuverability in dense terrain.

Ivory Coast: As an exporter, we provide Ivory Coast with Tactical Backpacks featuring reinforced handles and abrasion-resistant materials for long-term durability.

Kenya: Our services include distribution of Tactical Backpacks equipped with RFID-blocking pockets, essential for secure communication in Kenyan operations.

Lesotho: Custom orders of weather-resistant Tactical Backpacks are available for Lesotho’s defense personnel, ensuring protection against high-altitude conditions.

Liberia: We offer specialized Tactical Backpacks with quick-release buckles for rapid deployment scenarios, supporting Liberian peacekeeping missions.

Libya: Our range includes Tactical Backpacks tailored to Libyan military specifications, designed for endurance in desert and urban environments.

Madagascar: Wholesale distribution of Tactical Backpacks with expandable compartments supports Madagascar’s military logistics, ensuring efficient supply management.

Malawi: We provide Malawian security forces with ergonomically designed Tactical Backpacks, featuring padded shoulder straps and lumbar support for comfort during extended patrols.

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