• Features: Waterproof, breathable, and windproof, providing excellent protection in cold weather conditions.
  • Material: Made from durable 100% polyester with Cordura technology, ensuring longevity and performance.
  • Design: Full-sleeve camo print jacket, perfect for autumn hunting seasons.
  • Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL to fit all body types.
  • Customization: Available in standard camo or custom colors to meet your specific needs.
  • Manufacturing: High-quality production suitable for US, UK, and Danish markets.
  • Service: OEM & ODM, catering to specific requirements.
  • Lead Times: Sample ready in 7-10 days; delivery time is typically 30-40 days based on order quantity.

What to wear when hunting in the winter?
Layered clothing including thermal underwear, insulating mid-layers, and a waterproof outer layer. Wool or synthetic materials are preferred for their warmth even when wet.

Do you need a waterproof jacket for duck hunting?
Yes, a waterproof jacket is essential for duck hunting because you’re often exposed to water and wet conditions.

What do you wear with a hunting jacket?
Underneath a hunting jacket, wear appropriate layers such as base layers (thermal or moisture-wicking), mid-layers (fleece or insulated jackets), and possibly additional outer layers depending on weather conditions.

What is a hunting jacket?
A hunting jacket is specifically designed for outdoor activities like hunting. It typically features insulation, water resistance or waterproofing, and often includes features like pockets for gear storage and camouflage patterns for blending into the environment.

Are hunting jackets warm?
Yes, hunting jackets are designed to be warm, often featuring insulation and wind-blocking materials to keep hunters comfortable in cold conditions.

Why do hunters wear camo?
Hunters wear camouflage to blend into their surroundings, making it harder for animals to detect them. This improves their chances of getting closer to their target without being noticed.

What do Arctic hunters wear?
Arctic hunters wear heavily insulated clothing, often made of materials like down or synthetic fibers, and waterproof outer layers to protect against extreme cold and snow.

Are heated jackets good for hunting?
Heated jackets can be very effective for hunting in extremely cold conditions, providing extra warmth that can be adjusted as needed. They are particularly useful during stationary activities like waiting in a blind.

How many layers do you wear for hunting?
It depends on the weather conditions, but typically hunters wear a base layer for moisture-wicking, an insulating mid-layer, and a waterproof or water-resistant outer layer. Additional layers can be added as needed.

What is the best camo for duck hunting?
Camouflage patterns that mimic wetland vegetation and marshes are effective for duck hunting. Patterns like Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades or Realtree Max-5 are popular choices.

Do you need all camo for duck hunting?
While camo can improve concealment, it’s not always necessary. Solid-colored clothing in earth tones can also work well, especially in certain hunting environments.

Who makes the best waterfowl jacket?
Brands like Sitka Gear, Drake Waterfowl, and Banded Gear are well-regarded for their waterfowl hunting jackets, known for their durability, warmth, and water resistance.

What is the best camo for hunting in snow?
Snow camo patterns, such as those with white and light gray colors, are effective for blending into snowy environments. Patterns like Realtree Snow, Mossy Oak Winter, or Sitka Gear Blizzard are popular.

What is the safest color to wear while hunting?
Blaze orange (also known as hunter orange) is the safest color to wear while hunting, as it stands out against natural backgrounds and helps hunters remain visible to other hunters.

What do you wear in extreme cold weather?
In extreme cold weather, wear multiple layers of insulated clothing, including thermal underwear, fleece or down jackets, waterproof outer layers, insulated gloves, hats, and boots rated for cold temperatures.

What is the hunter’s most important item of clothing?
The most important item of clothing for hunters is often considered to be their outer layers, such as jackets and pants, which provide protection from the elements and help with camouflage.

How to wash hunting clothes?
Wash hunting clothes in scent-free detergent without UV brighteners. Use a washer and dryer designed for hunting gear, or air dry outside to avoid contaminating clothes with household scents.

How should you choose your clothes for a hunting trip?
Choose clothing based on the weather conditions and terrain of your hunting area. Layering is key for adjusting to temperature changes, and clothing should be durable, comfortable, and appropriate for camouflage needs.

How to store hunting clothes?
Store hunting clothes in a scent-free environment, preferably in a sealed container or bag with scent-control materials like activated carbon or baking soda to minimize odors.

What colors go with hunter green clothes?
Hunter green pairs well with earth tones such as browns, tans, and creams. It also complements deeper shades like burgundy, navy blue, and mustard yellow.

Question 1: Do you have an electronic catalog?
A1: Yes, you can download it on our website, or you can email us to request the latest version. Email: info@whfronter.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Question 2: Where is your position in China?
A2: We are located in Wuhan. We warmly welcome you to visit Wuhan. You can fly directly to Wuhan Tianhe International Airport. We will arrange everything during your visit to China. Wuhan is very safe, and we can guarantee your safety and comfort.

Question 3: Is OEM or ODM suitable for your company?
A3: Yes, we can make samples according to your design. OEM and ODM are welcome. We have the exclusive right to export military suppliers.

Question 4: What is your production cycle?
A4: Our inventory goods are 1-2 days.
B: It takes 30-35 days for a 20GP container.
C: It takes 40-45 days for a 40GP container.

Question 5: What can I do if I want a sample?
A5: Please contact us, we will send detailed information for you to choose. The original sample can be remade, but the buyer needs to pay the shipping cost.

Question 6: What is your mode of transportation?
A6:Transport by express, air, sea or other methods according to your requirements. We have established a long-term cooperative relationship with professional transportation agents.

Question 7: How is the quality of your products?
A7: Fronter has passed ISO certification, and our partner dyeing factories are among the top three in China. We also accept third-party inspections.

Question 8: Can I get a discount on the order?
A8: Of course, the price depends on the quantity of your order. If you order in large quantities, we will give you the most favorable price and give you a discount.

Question 9: How to maintain stable quality in long-term cooperation.
A9: A large inventory of fabrics, webbing, buckles, other accessories and skilled workers to ensure stable quality and short production time.

Question 10: How is the quality of your products?
A10: Our quality is used for professional buyers and some government orders.

Question 11: How can I ensure that the quality and quantity of the goods are correct?
A11: In addition to our final inspection at the shipping warehouse, you can also send a representative or appoint a third party to conduct the final inspection before the final payment and shipment.

Question 12: Will you keep my OEM patent?
A12: Yes. Once you provide us with the logo authorization file, we will keep your logo patent for you.

Question 13: What if the uniform I purchased is defective?
A13: If the soldier finds a defect, please keep the receipt and return the item to AAFES for exchange. AAFES will handle product quality defect reports, which will enable the Army and Defense
Logistics Agency to take corrective actions in the supply chain.

Why Choose Us
A: Fast delivery time,we are professional manufacturer for military uniforms, there are 200 workers in our factory, with daily output of 5000 sets.
B: Free sample,you can get free sample to check the quality.
C: Customer first,our company will bear the loss if there is something wrong with the quality.
D: OEM service,we can produce the goods according to clients’ requirements.
E: Welcome to use trade assurance, sales service: Beijing time from 8.am to 10.pm. online. Respond to enquiries within 12 hours.

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