The following care instructions must be followed when caring for the combat uniform to maximize the service
life and maintain optimum performance.

ACU military uniform

Not Starch
(1) Not starch the combat uniform under any circumstances. Using starch, sizing, and any process that involves dry cleaning or a steam press will adversely affect the treatment and durability of the uniform, and it is not authorized.

Cold Water And Mild Detergent
(2) Wash the combat uniform in cold water and mild detergent containing no optical brighteners or bleach.

Tumble Dry The Combat Uniform At Low Heat
(3) Tumble dry the combat uniform at low heat (not to exceed 130 degrees Fahrenheit). Remove immediately from the dryer and fold flat or place on a rustproof hanger to ensure heat from the dryer does not set wrinkles. To drip dry,remove from the washer and place on a rustproof hanger. Do not wring or twist.

Roll-Press Uniforms
(4) Soldiers may roll-press uniforms, as necessary.