Woven fabric:
65%Polyester + 35%Cotton

Knitted fabric:

Elastic fabric:
90%Nylon + 10%Spandex

We can produce G2 CP twill Frog Suit according to your requirements: G2 CP twill Frog Suit OEM, G2 CP twill Frog Suit ODM, G2 CP twill Frog Suit customized.Fronter factory professional production G2 CP twill Frog Suit .We offer wholesale prices.We are a professional G2 CP twill Frog Suit manufacturer, our company has an annual sales of 200 million yuan, providing you with professional wholesale and bulk purchases, and can provide you with a stable supply chain service.

TOP-G3 Combat Shirt Size

A. Back Length 64.566. 568. 570.572.574.51
B. Chest1051101151201251301.5
C. Bottom971021071121171221
D. Col lar484850.550. 550.550.51
E. Sleeve7879.58182.58485.51
F. Cuff3637383940411


A. Length103105107109l111131
B. Waist76818691961011
C. Hip1061111161211261311
D. Leg Wide7274767880821
E. Leg opening43.544.545.546.547.548.51
F. Front Rise25.526.527.528.529.530.51
Waist 2.5cm Wide Elastic Length (Including Seam)577799

Multicam Tactical Pants
Cp Military Uniform Frog Suit G2
G2 Tactical Uniform Frog Suit
Combat Clothing G2 Olive Green Tactical Frog Suit

What is the best color for tactical pants?
Police, medics, and other specialized tactical operators prefer to work in this colour because its snappiness is well-suited to the crisp, professional image they want to project.

What fabric is used for tactical pants?
Tactical pants are typically constructed using tough materials like ripstop fabric or blends of polyester and cotton to resist wear and tear. These pants often feature strategically placed reinforcements for enhanced durability, such as reinforced knees and seat areas.

What should I look for in tactical pants?
Must-Have Features for Tactical Pants
Durable Material.
Rugged Construction.
Plenty of Useful Storage.
Selection of Colors.
A Good Fit is a Must for Tactical Pants.

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