65%Polyester + 35%Cotton
60% Cotton + 40%Polyester
50%Nylon + 50%Cotton

Fabric Type:
Ripstop / Twill

XS – XXL or customization

Double layer stand-up collar with Velcro fastener
Crease on the back to increase the volume
Fly with zipper and velcro closure
Elbow / buttocks / knees are reinforced with double layer fabric
Velcro on each arm and chest for patch attachment
3 extra wide belt loops at the waist, perfect for military belt

Adapting to Tropical Climes
The French Jungle Camouflage Military Uniform is tailor-made for tropical and jungle environments. Its intricate pattern mimics the lush foliage and vibrant colors of dense rainforests, ensuring optimal concealment for soldiers operating in such challenging conditions.

military outfit men

What camo does French army use?
CCE camouflage—or Camouflage Centre-Europe in French—is the pattern adopted by French armed forces. It is acclaimed for its performance in woodland European environments, where the background consists of primarily green and brown elements.

What is the difference between French CCE and M81 Woodland?
CCE is a woodland pattern designed to match the ecology of mainland Europe, with the ‘CE’ literally standing for Centre Europe. Unlike US M81 Woodland, it features thicker and heavier patterning like other French camos of the 90s.

What is the European military camouflage?
Inspired by the temperate forests of Central Europe, the CCE pattern is designed to provide effective concealment in various European terrains. It has been the standard camouflage for the French Armed Forces since the early 1990s.

Were the French people the first to use the camouflaged army uniform?
Camouflage was first developed in France in 1914 by artist Lucien-Victor Guirand de Scévola and others. The theatrical nature of the subject encouraged artists to participate in the attempts to hide military personnel and actions. The British followed, with the Americans coming later.

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