Some U.S. Air Force personnel will suit up in the Army's new camouflage pattern next year, but most airmen will have to keep wearing their service's distinctive tiger-stripe pattern.
The Air Force has decided not to follow the Army's recent decision to replace its digital camouflage pattern. The ruling marks a reversal from a decade ago when the Air Force was quick to adopt its own digital pattern after the Army unveiled its new pixilated Universal Camouflage Pattern in 2004.

The tiger-stripe pattern on the Airmen Battle Uniform will remain in service for garrison use, said Air Force spokeswoman Rose Richeson.

"There is no plan to change that currently," she said.

Airmen deploying on missions with the Army will wear service's new Operational Camouflage Pattern, Richeson said, explaining the Air Force uniform policy for airmen attached to Army units.